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Hybrid collection™. Pioneered by Labrie.

The Expert Helping Hand™ is a dropframe, side loading unit perfectly adapted for manual, semi-automated or fully-automated refuse or recycling collection operations.

Versatile. Optimized unit ownership.

The Expert Helping Hand™ is one of the most versatile units available on the market. Any municipality or private hauler that needs to pick up bags curbside or streetside will still have the right unit for the job when switching to an automated collection program. This units fulfills the industry’s evolving demands for years to come.

Highly flexible.
Maximized operations.

The Expert Helping Hand™contributes to optimizing collection operations by picking up bags or different-sized containers and carts found on practically any type of route when equipped with a cart tipper on the lefthand side.

Best payload.
Maximum productivity.

How come it has the best compaction and load distribution available on today’s market? Its tapered body means it can collect more houses on the same legal payload and ensures facilitated dumping.

Short walking distance.
Maximum efficiency.

The short walking distance from the cab, and shorter wheelbase (shorter than any other manufacturer) make the Expert Helping Hand™ the most efficient drop-frame, sideloading collection unit on the market.

Reduced fuel consumption & noise pollution.
Maximum enviro-proficiency.

Best-in-class hydraulics mean less overheating and less demand on the engine.

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